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Morning Mood

Morning Mood

About Us

’Morning Moods Tea and Agarbatti Shoppy’, began as “Rashmi Sugandh” in 1980

Mr.Rashmi Mehta is founder of “Rashmi Agarbatti “ Now it is known as “Rashmi Sugandh Private Limited”. Who introduced unique concept of “Morning  Moods”

We nurtured the art of creating new fragrances, by safeguarding its quality and original purity,

As the demand for our Incense grew and as the varieties of Incense we offered are expanded, We decided to launch to better serve the needs of our customers. “Morning Moods” has started India’s First Online Store for Incense Sticks and Tea. Morning moods has more than 150 Varieties of Incense Sticks.


We believe that when you give us a try you will see the difference. We are dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering you the best possible prices for the highest quality Incense.


Thank you for shopping with us!